Shortbread Mochi Crunch Cookie From Patticakes Bakery


In case you’ve never heard of mochi, it’s a Japanese rice cake. Basically, a ball of sweet rice, often flavored and filled with a variety of tasty things. Mochi is a popular treat in Hawaii. It’s an acquired taste (and texture), but I love it. Particularly mochi ice cream! Mmmmmmmm…

I gave flavored mochi as a Christmas gift to my parents a few years ago, thinking they would like it. I was wrong! They thought it was a practical joke. Ya know — just trying to give a thoughtful Christmas gift, but no! I cried for days.

However you may feel about mochi, there’s no denying this mochi flavored cookie is delicious! I found these cookies from Patticakes Bakery on the shelf at Long’s Drugs in Kahului. It was a bit pricey as far as cookies go — about $8 for the container. But worth it! While it wasn’t quite as good as the comparable Trader Joe’s Pinachios earlier reviewed, it’s among the better local cookies I’ve had since moving back to the islands. Particularly tasty with almond milk!




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